Housing + Dining

How to Apply

Housing applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applying for housing on campus is a separate process from the University admission process. Because obtaining housing on campus is not guaranteed, it’s important to apply early during the priority application period specified below.

For more information on How to Apply, please view our 4-Steps Brochure.

For information on Graduate housing, please go to grad.sfsu.edu/content/housing-information.

Important dates

Action Date
Apply for Housing Starts March 1, 2018
Apply for 2018-2019 FAFSA by this date March 2, 2018
Attend Sneak Preview (SF State Open House for admitted students) April 7, 2018
Accept Admissions Offer by this date ($100 Enrollment Confirmation Deposit non-refundable) May 1, 2018
Apply for Campus Housing Deadline May 15, 2018
Attend Orientation by July 21, 2018

Floor Plans

Residence Halls Double Occupancy

Student Life

Students in a foot race

Resident Meal Plan

Your resident meal plan can be used at City Eats, Bricks or Café in the Park. The 7-Day Continuous plan is for students who plan to be on campus most weekends. The 5-Day Continuous plan is for the hearty eater who may not be on campus during the weekend. For lighter eaters, Block meal plans can satisfy their hunger pangs.

Continuous Plans Block Plans
This meal plan allows residents to eat in any of the three dining areas for any and all meals, Monday through Sunday. Available to all residents. Eight guest passes included.
Approximately equal to 19 meals per week. Available to all residents.
This meal plan allows residents to eat in any of the three dining areas for any and all meals, Monday through Friday. Available to all residents. Four guest passes included.
Approximately equal to 15 meals per week Available to all residents.


Additional Dining Options

The San Francisco State campus has many dining options to suit your mood and pocketbook. You can order a variety of sandwiches, enjoy a wide selection of ethnic cuisines — Mexican, Italian, Chinese and more — or sip a cappuccino from one of the food vendors in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Café Rosso, located behind Burk Hall, serves fun and creative dishes with a Mediterranean flair. Near the Village at Centennial Square, you’ll find Taza Smoothies and Wraps, as well as a Subway sandwich shop. Our campus has something sweet or savory for each unique palate. Check out all the culinary options on this tasty dining listing.

Cafe 101

Farm Fresh Underground

Gold Coast Grill & Catering

Ha Tien Cove

Healthy U


Ike’s Place

Natural Sensations

Nizario’s Pizza


Shah’s Halal

Taqueria Girasol

The Pub at SFSU



City Eats


Taza Smoothies & Wraps

The Bricks

Village Market & Pizza


Seoulful Fried Chicken

Senor Sisig

Izzy’s Cheesesteak

Kabob Trolley

Manna Japanese Comfort Food

Kabob Trolley

Serious Grubbage

Sunny Days


Me So Hungry Too

Don Pablo

And much more!


Cafe Rosso - Located across from the Student Services Building

HSS 121 Cafe - 1st floor of HSS

Juice Bar - Mashouf Wellness Center

Peet’s Coffee & Tea - 1st floor of J. Paul Leonard Library

Station Cafe - 19th Ave, next to the Muni stop

Vista Room - Burk Hall, Room 401