Why San Francisco State



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More Support for Students

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, SF State was working to boost support for students by adding more professional advisors and expanding academic tracking. The University’s also rolling out a comprehensive new mentoring program that will match every incoming student with a peer upperclassman who’ll show them the ropes and provide encouragement. As the University pivoted quickly to remote learning this spring, it also began bolstering remote connection: Virtual recreation programs, study groups, events and socializing opportunities will introduce new students to the vibrant and diverse community that awaits them when normal campus life resumes.

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The Right Step Right Now

The pandemic has some students and families thinking about gap years or other alternatives to a four-year university. But now isn’t the time to pause an education. Studies show that students who start their college careers at a four-year university are far more likely to earn that degree within four to five years than those who start elsewhere. And that investment in the future isn’t as expensive as you might think: New full-time students at SF State can expect to pay about $7,200 in tuition next year — and thanks to state and federal financial aid, the cost for some is far less. That’s why Forbes includes SF State on its list of America’s Best Value Colleges.

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Passionate Professors

You’ll get more attention from your instructors at SF State. An average class size of fewer than 30 students ensures that professors are available for one-on-one time with students. When the pandemic forced a quick switch to remote learning, these faculty members — many of them award-winning leaders in their fields — were able to convert courses in ways that accommodated both social distancing guidelines and individual student needs. For the fall, we’re investing time and resources for our temporary pivot to mostly-remote learning, and our faculty will be prepared to deliver high-quality educational experiences SF State is known for while continuing to observe the protocols that keep the community safe.

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Alumni Success

SF State alumni are leaders in business, science, journalism, creative writing, film, government, education and many other fields. The University is consistently one of the top feeder schools for employees at Apple, Google, Kaiser Permanente, Wells Fargo, Oracle and the San Francisco Unified School District. And collaborations with strategic partners like Genentech and the CSU Entertainment Alliance continue to create new opportunities for students in the state’s top industries. In addition, SF State’s Career Services & Leadership Development Center ensures that every student can get the guidance they need to launch a transformative work life. From SF State, graduates can go anywhere.