Tuition and Aid

Attending San Francisco State University is not only an investment in your future but also an affordable option for higher education with SF State ranking the second most affordable college in California! With competitive tuition rates, a variety of financial aid opportunities, and numerous scholarships available, SF State is dedicated to making education accessible to everyone. Students can focus on their academic and personal growth without the burden of excessive financial stress. Join us at SF State, where a high-quality education is within reach.

The cost for California-resident undergraduates to attend San Francisco State University includes direct educational costs (tuition fees, books, supplies) and living costs (meals, housing, transportation, and personal expenses).

Cost of Attendance

* Note: This table shows full cost for two semesters before any aid is applied

Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 - Undergraduate

Cost Type On Campus Off Campus Living At Home
Tuition Fees (7 units or greater) $7,950 $7,950 $7,950
Housing $17010 $14,724 0
Food $5,256 $7,506 11,520
Books and Supplies $1,1100 $1,100 $1,100
Transportation $1,512 $1,962 $1,764
Personal Expenses $3222 $3924 $4050
TOTAL $36,050 $37,166 $26,384



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Funding Your Education


Money shouldn’t come between you and a great education. At San Francisco State University, there are many resources to assist you. Sixty-six percent of our students receive financial aid. San Francisco State offers several forms of public and private financial aid including grants, work-study awards and loans. Students may be eligible for need-based grants made possible by generous donations from alumni and friends of the University.

For more information, visit the Financial Aid website and the Federal Student Aid website.

San Francisco State students have more than 700 campus and external scholarship opportunities. We encourage you to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Each scholarship has its own criteria, annual amount, and application deadline.

For more information about tuition and fees, visit the Bursars website.

Supportive Information and Programs


If you are a high school student under age 19 and you and/or your parents currently live in California, or your family has recently moved to California and plans to stay here, you may be considered a California resident for tuition purposes. Your parents must have citizenship, legal immigration or visa status in the U.S. and demonstrate they intend to make California their permanent home to be considered a California resident.

If you are a transfer student who has been a California resident for at least one year prior to September 20 for Fall semester or January 25 for Spring semester, you may be considered a resident for tuition purposes. You must have citizenship, legal immigration or visa status in the U.S. and demonstrate you intend to make California your permanent home to be considered a California resident.

If you are an undocumented student and meet the following requirements, you can be considered a California resident for tuition purposes — according to California Assembly Bill 540 (AB 540) which became law in 2001. Please go to the Dream Resource Center website for more information.

If you are a nonresident of California, an out-of-state or international student, you pay additional tuition fees of $420 per unit or fractional unit.